With the restaurant week approaching, you must feel anxious and stressed! Don’t worry, because the iPad POS system is here to help you! Read this article and discover how the Point of Sale software can help you handle restaurant week!

The restaurant week is created for fans to enjoy elaborate dished and delicious meals they may now usually have the chance to enjoy, and all thanks to the pre-fixed menus and special deals. This huge trend can bring you a lot of your customers to your restaurant and the flood of new customers allows you to present an innovative, refreshed, and three-course menu that will help you increase the sales volume and transform these new customers into regular ones.

In order to handle restaurant week and to offer the best service possible, we recommend you to implement a Point of Sale software. By adopting this system, you can avoid the chaos and be prepared to amaze your new customers.

Here are a few tools to help your restaurant get through restaurant week:

  • Custom Menu Building The iPad Point of Sale system can help you set pre-fixed menus in an efficient way by using modifiers and combos. The system simplifies the whole process with an omnichannel solution that will keep your menu updated and synced across traditional register ordering, self-serve kiosks, and mobile ordering interfaces.
  • Kitchen Display System As essential as it is for your new customers to order of a beautiful and clear menu, make sure not to short your culinary staff with unreadable ticketing. By using the Kitchen Display System, you can sync the front of the restaurant with your kitchen and give the expediter the best tool for calling out the orders.
  • Mobile Order Takers Allow your customers to skip the line. How? With the in-store mobile orders of course. The businesses can stay sharp by processing all of the transactions, generating more sales, and a lot of new happy and engaged customers.
  • Table Layout and Timers The secret to seating guests and managing wait times is tracking table turns. Now you can make the increased foot traffic easy by digitally recreating the table layout, color-coding the status of the orders, and highlighting the tables with multiple orders.

The restaurant week is coming! Be prepared to handle the rush with iPad POS systems!

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